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Student Transformation Therapy

Every Student has equal capabilities to achieve what they want.A proper guidance will help them to one level, but it purely depends on what impressions they have got in their mind towards studies and goals.

Student's study habits are affected by internal conditions more than external conditions.Students are easily distracted with TV, mobile Phones, interruptions by family -friends, computer etc.

Concentration, Focus, memory and confidence are essential for learning. Internal factors such as low self esteem, negative thinking and poor time management drains energy and emotions, which negatively affects the learning process.

This therapy process can help students to change positive towards studies and behaviour.

Therapy Details

Counseling : Understanding the student current performance and goals.

Healing : To Cleanse the blockages in Mind & Emotions.

Relaxation Therapy : To remove fears and Phobias towards studies and exam.

Goal Setting Therapy : To set goals towards studies, subject performance & Exam sucess.


Improving Memory, Concentration, Focus, Confidence and Self-esteem

Increasing Self-motivation & releasing external distractions.

Reducing Stress and eliminating Fear and Phobias.

Changing negative thinking & negative habits to positive.

Student of age group above 8- years can be undergo this Therapy Session. You can contact us for any further details / clarifications.

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